Guynemer monument

GuynemermonumentGeorges Guynemer was a war-time French aviation pioneer.  Dogfights were still in their infancy then but Guynemer succeeded in taking down over 50 German fighter aircraft.  He belonged to an elite corps of the French air force named the "escadrille des cigognes" (Stork Squadron).  Guynemer was taken down on 11 September 1917 and his body was never found. 

The monument that was erected dominates the village of Poelcapelle.  There is a bronze stork, whose downward wings on the top of a high shaft are flying in the direction of the place where Guynemer is said to have crashed.

A laurel wreath that has been hung in the direction of the allied front decorates the shaft and Guynemer's last routine orders are carved in the stone.