Folk Tales Route

Cycling through Langemark-Poelkapelle you can enjoy a unique concept. By using  beautifully illustrated audio pillars, which you will find on the well-known bicycle network. At the audio pillars, you can listen to an authentic story every time you simply press a button.

Folk tales

With the folk tales many forgotten figures and events are returning form history. Who else knows Dartje Gerre or Albert Carrein? Who remembers the terrible things that happened at Steenakkermolen . Have you ever heard of a goat club in Bikschote? Get to know the cunning tricks of Jantje Wilde and the progressive thoughts of Mayor Dumoulin! They are all folk tales about Langemark-Poelkapelle from long and less long ago.

Pure storytelling tradition

The stories were told in pure storytelling tradition. Numerous professional actors provided a version in General Dutch and dialect. In addition, French and English-language actors and performers recorded the stories. In this way we aim our stories at foreign tourists.

Route map

A roadmap has been drawn up. So you choose the route yourself, consisting of two loops of 17 and 18 km. The itinerary map is available for the price of 2 euros at the Tourist Office or at the tourist information points.