I am Frans and these are my heroes

For seven years now, Frans has lived in the residential care center. His eyes shine, he tells jokes and teases all the time.  As he says himself, I am a sad man.

I have known my wife since we went to school. I have had many professions: truck driver at DEROO, brick worker at Dumoulin. I also worked in France.

At one point I got a new hip. That was a serious operation. And after the operation I couldn't resist working. When my wife and daughter went shopping, I started working in the conservatory, in the blazing sun. I fell and couldn't get back up. Eventually two brothers, who live next door to me, did think something was seriously wrong. They called an ambulance. My new hip had dislocated. Putting it back hurt.

When I returned from the hospital, I wanted to go back to the greenhouse, but to my great surprise I saw that she had disappeared. My daughter had asked for help from farmers to take them down. Angry I was not. My daughter was just right. So I went off to ride my bike. I was gone so often that my son sabotaged the bike. But even that couldn't stop me, mind you. Yes, my daughter and my son are my heroes.

Frans Doom from Langemark-Poelkapelle

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