The Beeuwsaert mill was founded in 1635 by the lords of Bikschote. On the map of the Kasselrij Ypres from 1641 the Bixchotemill is clearly inscribed. In 1830 the mill went up in flames as a result of a lightning strike. It was immediately rebuilt and operated by the Ghyselen family. The mill, the house and the mill wall were sold to the Beeuwsaert family in 1884. Due to its high location, the mill was an ideal lookout during the First World War. It was completely destroyed during the first gas attack on the 22nd of April 1915. In 1921 it was rebuilt using the parts of two mills. This made the mill the largest in the region.
The Beeuwsaertmolen operated until 1959. In 1976 it crashed under a heavy storm. The brakes of the sails went out of action and the fast turning sails set the mill on fire.

Since 2010 the mill has been completely rebuilt and is open to the public.

You can visit the mill :

Every first Sunday of the month between 1.30 pm and 5 pm.

Group visits by appointment :
Miller Antoon Verstraete


This mill, which had been braving winds and storms since the end of the 14th century, collapsed in the First World War. Due to its elevated position, the mill offered excellent opportunities for observation. In the struggle for its possession, it went up in flames. The first battles around the mill were described by Wilhelm Schreinen in 'Der Tod von Ypern'. From then on the Steenakkermill got its gruesome nickname 'Dodenmolen'.

As a replacement the 'Kruisberg mill' from Pittem, built in 1790, was brought here in 1923. This wooden mill stands on 4 brick blocks.

Visit mill: Every third Sunday of the month between 1 pm and 5 pm.

Group visits by appointment:

Ann Maes, Province of West Flanders
050 40 71 79