Local products

The Langemark apple pie

Constructed from a homemade frangipane base, a jelly of rhubarb, fresh pudding, stewed apples and a dash of whipped cream. This delicacy won the regional products competition and is available at Mathias and Jasmine Bakery.


Surprisingly mischievous delicacy that puts the leader of the gang of robbers in the spotlight. Available at Chocolaterie Ledoux

Sausage Den trimard

Tasty sausage that pays tribute to the seasonal worker. Available at Markey Vleeshalle

Lang Poelse truffles

Ravishing chocolate truffles with that little bit more. Available at The Chocolat Nanny

Baekelandt Sausage

Sturdy, tasty sausage  that exudes the robustness of Ludovicus Baekelandt. Available at Glorius

Coffee 't Molentje

The nostalgic aromas the old days can be found in this coffee more than ever. Available at coffeeshop 't Molentje

Pater Pitte

Pater Pitte's range is not limited to the three beers. Besides Pater Pitte blond, Stoute Pitte and Rosse pitte, you can now also obtain beer pâté and Stoute Pitte ice cream from Pater Pitte.

The Langemarknaere

Excellent beer in blond and brown at Deruytter bvba.