I'm Alice and this is my hero

Alice is 86 years old. She is in a wheelchair, but there is nothing at all wrong with her memory. She talks with dedication and feeling.

I met my husband through my brother-in-law. They were both professional soldiers. I met him at my sister's wedding. After we were married, I went with him to Germany, where he was stationed.  It was not easy.  At first we stayed in the 'girls' room', later we were fortunate enough to get our own apartment. Still later we returned to Belgium.

I always took care of the children and later on of the grandchildren.  I have three sons, eight grandchildren and as many as ten great-grandchildren. We would have been married for sixty years the year my husband died.

My heroine is one of my daughters-in-law, Magda. The other daughters-in-law also take care of me, but she is special: she is like a real daughter to me. She kept coming to visit me during the whole corona period.  She takes care of all the papers, the clothes and the laundry.  She just takes care of everything!  And then suddenly she says, "Look, I bought a new dress for you!" She knows my taste and my size. Magda is traveling now and I miss her.  

Alice Dewilde from Langemark-Poelkapelle

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