I am Sano and this is my hero

Sano is 18 years old, a solid young guy who speaks fluent Dutch.  He really needs to get this story off his chest.

We have been living here for two years now, my mother, my two sisters and I. I go to school in the college of Ypres.  In 2019 we left Rwanda.

My mother is one of my heroes. She is 45 years old and sacrifices a lot for us. Every day she takes care of us.  Always she does her best. She makes sure we feel good and that we don't miss anything. If she can't do it right away, she tries to take care of it the next week or the week after.

A month before my birthday, I told my mother that I would like to have a silver necklace as a gift. But my mother said she didn't know if she had enough money.  "I can wait," I said. On my birthday, she was suddenly standing in front of me with the necklace, "Happy birthday, here's what you wanted so badly!" That was the max.

At first glance, my mother seems like a simple and happy person, but she has been through a lot. Her whole family was wiped out by the genocide. She went through hell at the time. Yet she is not angry or hateful.

Once when I get angry with my sister, I think of her and she is my example.  Why should I stay angry with my little sister when she can forgive so much? She is a really good person.     

Sano Morten Johnson from Rwanda

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