I am Marnix and this is my hero

A sunny spring day in the pond park. A man (couple) walks up.  "They ask my wife who her hero is, but I know right away hear: my hero is my wife."

I don't have to look far to find my story. I am 51 years old and disabled for ten years.  For ten years my wife has been there for me day and night. I am married and have two children. My wife is not only there for me but also for many others. She is a hairdresser and then you know she hears many stories. She is a confidant to many people.

Ten years ago I had a simple operation on a hernia, but the operation went completely wrong. The first year was a real hell. My wife and my children were the biggest victims, I was not enjoyable because of the pain. Until after one year my children suddenly said, "It's time for you to turn the switch." It was necessary for them to tell me this. They pushed me to face the facts. That made me change and see everything. 

I have had chronic pain since the surgery. Nobody sees it, but it's always there. Some people don't understand. Friends drop out, only the best friends stay. I take painkillers every day.  Every month I get a baxter at the hospital in Ghent.  I can't drive myself then.  I can't drive long distances any more anyway due to loss of concentration.  Then my wife gets up at five in the morning and takes me to the hospital. She always supports me.

The corona period was not easy.  I missed my two grandchildren, my two little heroes. I can really pull myself up by those men. 

My wife Claudine should really be put in the flowers, I have only one word for her: respect. She can get a statue for me. 

Marnix Bruynsteen from Langemark-Poelkapelle

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