I am Nashrim and this is my hero

Surrounded by her two children whom she holds close, it is mainly Ali who speaks in Dutch. He speaks the language fluently and interprets.

I am 33 years old and I live in the asylum center with my son Ali and daughter Mahsa.  My big hero is my sister. Her name is Wahidi and she is 32 years old, one year younger than me. We grew up together, were in the same class and played with dolls together.

My sister arrived here two months before me.  That's more than five years ago now. She has already received the news that she can stay. She has a boyfriend and if corona allows, she will get married in July or August. She is still studying and is currently doing an internship as a kindergarten teacher.  She lives and works in Brussels.

She has helped us from the beginning. She is my great example. She teaches me Dutch and advises and assists me. She bought a watch for my son Ali. She buys clothes for us.  She is the sweetest sister in the world.

Nashrim Noori from Afghanistan (in the picture: Ali and Mahsa)

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