I am Noel and this is my hero

Noel, 89, settles down carefully and talks very thoughtfully. But he has many stories to tell.

I am a born and bred 'Langemarknoare' and went to school together with Frans (see story of Frans Doom). I worked as a chef in a factory in France, where wool was processed. Everyone spoke Dutch there, they were all Flemish. There I also met my wife. Unfortunately we didn't have any children, but my wife took all the children in the neighborhood to school and you know, all those neighbors still come to visit. That's incredible.

Actually, I should have been dead for thirteen years. I was on the coast in Nieuwpoort on vacation with my brother-in-law. We were going to take the boat, but suddenly I couldn't do anything anymore. I couldn't leave, I couldn't move. The man behind the counter called the ambulance and my brother-in-law stayed with me. Both of them saved my life. I had a heart transplant with the heart of a pig. An artificial heart, you hear, but mine was not. It's a punishment, isn't it?

Noël De Witte from Langemark-Poelkapelle

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