Second World War


Memorial plaque deceased citizens of Madonna in concentration camp & Malinowski story - church Madonna

On the front of the church hangs a commemorative plaque for four people who died in a German concentration camp. The rescue of the RAF pilot Malinowski on 8th of September 1943 is also mentioned on this plaque. On that 8th of September the Spitfire of the Polish pilot Malinowski crashed in the fields of Madonna. It is the beginning of an unreal escape story that ends with the death of 4 civilians from the Madonna: Michel Buyse, Adolf Coryn, Jules Opsomer and Arthur Verhoustraete. They were arrested and taken to a concentration camp from which they never returned.

Memorial plaque crashed B17 bomber - Ieperstraat 4

On February 3, 1945, an American long-range bomber (Boeing 17) ordered an emergency landing which put Langemark in consternation. After a bombardment over Berlin, the aircraft was hit. Two engines failed and the crew decided to make an emergency landing to prevent it from ending up in the North Sea. The emergency landing near the Ieperstraat succeeded and nobody was injured.

Memorial plaque crash Lancaster LL882 - Boezingestraat 115

In the night of May 11, 1944, after a bombardment over Lille and Kortrijk, the Lancaster LL882 was brought down by a German Messerschmitt. The bomber crashed near the clay pits of brickyard Dumoulin. All crewmembers were killed. 75 years later, this event was commemorated with a memorial plaque near the Welsh monument.