Rupert Brooke

Frank Stone is in 1917, 19 jaar. Hij had zich al in 1914 ingeschreven maar omdat hij te jong was, werd hij pas opgeroepen in 1917.

Wanneer het 1st/8th Battalion van The King's (Liverpool Regiment) deelneemt aan de derde slag om Passendale, schrijft de tweede luitenant met een voorgevoel de volgende brief aan zijn ouders.



France, 1917



My devoted parents,


perhaps the receipt of this letter will l cause you a little more sorrow, a few more tears, but, knowing you as I do, I am sure you will be glad I wrote it. 

There’s not much I wish to say, but one or two things that will set your minds at rest. Regarding my spirits future life. 

As regards myself, my death is but little thing, this I have learned since I received a commission, moved amongst men of  little temperament, I have learned this from these grand men, that in each a holy cause as this our lives are but petite things to be sold as dearly as possible for the sake of our Country those we love most dearly. 

I am proud to die for England, my parents, brother, sister, my darling Thirza.

Thirza has received a letter also, essentially private, to our two selves, for I loved her so,

there’s  one thing that i wish you to do, 


That is to send this something of mine, - some little thing

That she can gaze upon, keep my memory fresh

Dear dad and ma, there’s only on regret I have

En that is , this, that it was my ambition to make money enough, to keep you in ease & comfort

In your declining years This I have not been able to achieve, but, God our Father, will provide for you

I have no fear, I shall meet you in his glorious Paradise, in his good time

Though I have never said anything

Though I have never made a great blunder (you will remember what I refer to), I have tried to live, as he would have me live,

I go to die, without a doubt as to my redemption, his acceptance of my soul


This is all, good bye, for a span until the day, when we shall all meet in our Fathers home


Your devoted Son



In deze brief pent hij ook het gedicht ‘The Soldier’ van Rupert Brooke neer. Nog voor de brief zijn ouders bereikt, sneuvelt Frank Stone op deze plek.

100 jaar na datum wordt hier een boom geplant ter nagedachtenis aan Frank Stone. Onder de boom ligt een kopie van de brief die hij schreef aan zijn ouders.


Ellen Vandamme

Robert Missinne


De brief